How long it takes to sell first Gig? [2013]



I am register in Fiverr for 6 months now but actually I took seriously selling like a month ago.

Assuming you have the right tags, photos and even uploaded a video. I see that people have click to see my gig but no more…

I am wondering statistically how long people got its first request.

Thank. Hope it is appropriate this post in this section.



Like you, I set up my account several months ago but didn’t start really trying until recently. I do voiceovers and video, and I see you do electronic music soundtracks. Once I put a video up to promote my gig, my first sale came within 24 hours. Again, though, your mileage may vary. I see you have a video for your gig, which is good, but perhaps If you aren’t getting as many sales as you like you should try diversifying a little bit and putting up another gig or two for the other stuff you can do.


It all depends on the buyer getting close to your gig with the help of search engine, fiverr internal discovery algorithm, your promotion of gig outside the fiverr network.


Thanks people. @ryuken I guess you’re right I have flood FB or Twitter as well.


Hello! I created my account 29 days ago. I made my first sale on my first day. After that I have made 2 sales per day. Just make sure your title and descriptions don’t blend in with everyone else. It also cant be obvious you are trying to make it stand out either, the customers notice these things and keep scrolling.


thanks man… and very impressed with your performance. @tgreen7163


I received my first sale like 3 hour’s after i published my gig.


Same problem here. 3 days now, no buyers yet even when everything is done. Would anyone mind checking out my profile page n let me know what I would change?


Reply to @mrnicework: hey, I saw you Gig description and actually is very descriptive in a very good way. From my point of view nothing wrong… maybe need to add a video (Fiverr states that you’ll sell more).



New interface is not sales friendly at all.


I posted my first gig yesterday and got my first sale today (HAPPY DANCE!!)

I had read in the forum that sometimes it takes months to get your first sale, so was prepared for a long wait. I must have been lucky cause the buyer said she found me on the forum… so I guess it really is about getting yourself out there.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


8 hour’s after i published my gig.


I waited 3 months before setting up my gigs. I regret it because it appears like I am further along in terms of my Fiverr experience than I actually am. Once I set up a few gigs, I got a flood of orders after about a week, abiding by your talking points: proper photos, tags, gig descriptions. If I had it to do over again, I would have chosen a name that was more SEO enhanced, but, on the flip side, with a name like ‘Pearlsant’, I am not locked into selling just one sort of gig(though this doesn’t stop some folks with product specific names from selling whatever they like) and, there are those who have become top sellers with odd names that have nothing to do with what they are peddling.


I think it just depends on what you offering as your gig. A good friend of mine and I started at exactly the same day, 3 months ago. I do writing/office work type gigs and she does art/gifing/graphic type gigs. She started getting gigs 2 months in whereas I received my first gig one week after we started our gigs. I now receive anywhere from 5 to 8 gigs a month and she is just now getting her fourth gig.


It actually took me four months! I didn’t do any promotion, I just set up my gig and forgot about it until one day someone bought it. Ever since I got my first review I’ve had steady orders.


I got 5 sales within 1 month. I am very lucky.


I received my first sale within less than 10 hours of creating my account. I promoted the gig to a targeted audience for that specific gig though. So, I’m sure that played a big part in it as well. I wish everyone the best of luck on future sales! - Elite Quality


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I wait for some weeks before setting my first Gig. But after a week I received 4 orders!! And I am very very very happy!!! :smiley:


i am staying in fiverr before two week ago.but no how can get order conversation with Bayer?

some one help me?