How long it takes you to get your first order?


Well I know this question is asked plenty of times on fiverr…

All I want to know is about present … In now a days how long it takes beginners to make their first sale???


I got my first sell after 9 day of start.


you should keep login and sharing your gig on social media sites regularly. must join more facebook groups that relevant your gigs in order to get a order.try. you will get order as soon as possible. all the best bro


still i m not get single order but i daily login fiverr and share my gig. now i create new facebook id only for gig. and joined 15 more fb groups (related to my gig) and keep sharing. hard works never fails all the best bro


I got mine after a week. My mom however got her first sale the first day!


i got mine in 5 days after joining.

You must have to stay online as much as possible and try to improve gig impressions in order to get early responses from buyers.

Good luck


I got mine in like 3 or 4 days.


It takes some people months, so… there’s a large variation


I got mine 2 months after I created my gig. It also depends on what gig you offer. Just stay there and hold on! You’ll land one! :slight_smile:


I got my first order 8 hours after posting gig…


its about a 15 days… i posted my gig… I’m still waiting …and hoping for the best… :-?


Keep going man.

My first gig was about 2-3 weeks after I put up my first gig (around 2011 O_O;).

It is safe to say that it took me months before my first gig ran smoothly.

I’m just back on fiverr again after gone for years, starting a fresh gig.

Hopefully all of us will get an order soon! :slight_smile:




Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,
Could anyone tell me how long it usually takes
to get your first order. I have sent ot around proposals
so far.

David C