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How long it takes you to get your first order?

How long it takes you to get your first order?

i have no orders for many days. what i do?

Could be hours, could be years. Sorry, there’s no way to say for sure.

Fiverr is a micro jobs site. That means somebody has to hire you. By networking and making your “product” appear as attractive as possible, you’ll speed up the process no end.

No buddy sure about with it… I take for me like 7 days to get first order.

if you are not getting any order then obviously it means your gig is not that attractive …

there for you should make a decision about changing or deleting your gigs

You can’t tell. When I first started Fiverr I had my first order the next day but then for a month I had no orders :frowning:

So, like the others said, make your gig attractive so it attracts buyers but don’t worry if the first days you don’t have orders :slight_smile:

Reply to @nasia1301: Agree with you . Nobody can guess when he will get the first order. In my case i got in the first hour after creating my first GIG . SO i consider myself a bit lucky here.