How long it takes?



I have a costumer that he purchase and paid my gig about 1 hour ago, but i didn’t get any new order.

Can someone help me please?



Reply to @voiceoverwork: Actually, this can occur for a very simple but common reason/mistake. When you order and go through Paypal (as opposed to having and using a Fiverr balance), there is a box that needs to be checked to allow you to deduct funds directly from your paypal balance. The box is automatically set to withdraw funds from your bank account. The box is also obscurely located.

When a bank transfer is initiated (even if you already have a balance on Paypal), it can take up to a week to process and clear. During this processing/clearing phase, no order appears on the seller’s page. No email is sent either. Only when the money is cleared does the order come out of “limbo”. So it will appear to the seller as though you never placed an order even though the buyer is sure that they went through the payment steps.

Ask the buyer if the checked the box. I am sure they will have no clue as this OBSCURE box is placed BELOW the “submit” button on the transaction page. If you do not scroll down (why would you anyway), you will miss it. They just have to wait. Do not have them reorder, checking the box, and then cancel the first one as you account will take a cancellation hit.

Also, if they had no Paypal balance, the bank transfer would have been their only option with the same “not showing up until the bank transfer is complete” consequences.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


When a Buyer buys a gig, the Seller gets an email AND the gig is visible in the Seller’s TO DO list. If neither of that occurred, then most likely a purchase was never made.


i sold my gig service on one forum and he write me on my email that he Purchased and paid.

i don’t think that he is registred in fiverr. can u tell me how the sale go, when someone purchase who is not registred on fiverr.



How do you know he actually paid?


The order may be “INCOMPLETE”.

Look under SALES > ACTIVE.


No there is 0