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How long it will take cancel the order after submitting customer support?

I have submitted the cancelation the order to fiverr support center with screen shots.i got the auto reply saying will take some hours .even if i submitted cancel the order but order still remain as ( in process ) and only 1 day for delivery .does any body know what will happen to order after one day passed even if i submitted for cancel the order? aNd how long support center will take the cancel and refund the amount to buyer?

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You submitted a request to cancel the order only to Fiverr support? If you’re lucky, they’ll reply before your gig’s deadline, but going by many recent forum posts, it can take up to 10 days currently for them to respond, unless you have priority support as one of the leveling perks (level 2, TRS).

If you submitted the cancellation request to your buyer via the resolution center, one of 3 things can happen:

  1. buyer accepts your cancellation request, order gets cancelled and buyer gets refunded
  2. buyer rejects your cancellation request, order stays active
  3. buyer doesn’t react within 48 hours, the order will automatically cancel and the buyer will get refunded

Much appreciate .buyer was willing to cancel the order using the support center . The problem is if the support center not repond within another 2days what will happened to the that order ? If no any respond in 2 days from SC,can i can using resolution center ?what is the best thing i can do? Very complicated . Please advice me miiila.i appreciate your reply. I really wana do it without effecting my ratings .(if support center is not responding within 2 days ,then shall i use resolution center before order deadline is expired and cancel the order ? .i know it will effects my ratings . )…

As far as I know, the only chance to not have a cancellation affect your rating is support (and even then, it’s not guaranteed; it probably depends mostly on the cancellation reason). If they don’t reply timely, you could ask your buyer if they are willing to wait a few more days because support currently is slow with responses due to Covid.

What is the reason for the cancellation?

I appreciate your help indeed .the reason of cancelling is the service ask after ordered that i dont provide .she is willing to cancel . So dear miiila in case if fiverr did not respond before the deadline of order if i wait few more days even after order deadline is expired that will brings me negative impact ?

I think the lynchpin is mostly whether support considers the cancellation reason as valid enough for it to not count for your stats. If it must have been clear to the buyer from your gig description that you don’t provide what the customer ordered, there’s a chance that they’ll cancel it without your stats taking a hit.

The standard reply is something like this (the reply from CS to a cancellation request, where the buyer had ordered a translation gig for a language my gig clearly doesn’t offer):

"Of course, I will be happy to assist you with this. The order has been canceled as per your request.

Please keep in mind that cancellation statistics are handled automatically and the system will update the cancellation based on our criteria. We recommend that you check your analytics section to confirm. "

“Based on our criteria” = Since we don’t know the exact criteria (the cancellation reason most probably being the main criterion), we can’t know in advance whether it will count against our stats or not. (In my case, I kept an eye on my stats, as they recommended, and my stats didn’t change).

I can’t tell you more than that - whether your stats will take a hit or not, depends on their criteria.