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How long money transfer from Fiverr to PayPal?


Hello guys,
I want to know how long time taken to transfer money from Fiverr to PayPal after I confirm the transaction email??



from Fiverr to PayPal will be instantly transferred


Are you sure?
I made the transition more than 24 hours till now and nothing appears in my account!
What do you think?


If it is the first time you are transferring money to that particular PayPal account (from Fiverr), it can take a couple of hours. But if it takes more than a day or two, I’d contact CS.

You can contact CS here


within 2 minutes you will get your $$ to paypal


My money transfers to PayPal were immediate
See the email address you provided
See if your money has been removed from fiverr
See if your fault has occurred
If everything is correct
Ask fiverr for customer support


i see it wthin 1-2 mins at most


You have to make PayPal account . Then Link your bank account with PayPal . Now add the PayPal address to Fiver . Now transfer Money to PayPal Account . The money will go to PayPal .So your money will automatically come to your bank account in 3 to 4 days .


I know Only 1-5 minute


From Fiverr to Paypal, should happen within a couple of minutes
From Fiverr to Bank Account should happen in about 1 business day.


You should call Paypal and talk to them about why the money has not appeared in your account yet. You can get their number if you google Paypal phone number.


upto 10 minute :heart: