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How long must we continue to respond to old buyers?

I’ve had a buyer pop up from five years ago wanting to chat about his orders.

Is there any rule about how long we must respond to old (ancient) buyers?
I don’t have any problem with this but was wondering if there is any sort of limit where we can stop responding?

I tried researching this and saw someone got a warning for being unresponsive. At what point are we ever allowed to not respond?


If a seller got a warning for being unresponsive, it’s probably because this person does not answer messages to his buyers for a long time.

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If I didn’t respond to a buyer who’s last order was many years ago would I get a warning? This is my question.

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@misscrystal So the buyer was not starting a new message thread, but continuing a five year old conversation? Hmm, I would respond to be safe. But it sounds like a good question for CS,


The buyer was difficult before to put it mildly. It’s not a person whom I would want to message with again but you’re right I will ask them. There must be some kind of time limit.

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But didn’t Fiverr add a new feature recently to block a buyer once they bought from you?
I guess no harm done if this buyer gets blocked.


Someone mentioned getting a warning for not responding to a buyer but it was a recent buyer.

I’m not sure why they would have a block button for previous buyers if you can’t use it though.

I actually had the same question :see_no_evil: I really want to block some buyers after finishing their orders (and using all revisions etc) but I was also a bit afraid to do so because of this recent story that you are referring to.

But I hope that after 5 years it’s fine not to reply anymore or just to say something like “ we finished our order and unfortunately I’m not able to keep providing support due to the timeframes and delivery date of our order”


I actually have two buyers like this and did a lot of messaging with them for a long time about their orders but then they stopped messaging me after a while.

Then one from years ago decided last summer to pop up and message me. And has periodically messaged me since.

Customer support has informed me I can block them. :champagne:


Great! As expected, because they wouldn’t have that feature added if they are gonna send warnings for using it.

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Yea just block . I also find this feature extremely handy when it comes to first-time buyers that are being rude or very demanding or when they do not understand simple things.

Usually you can tell from the first few lines of the chat if you are going to have a problem with this person or not.

I think that the same must be answered, since it is part of the process. it does not matter if it is old or new customer

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Did you read the whole thread? @misscrystal said:


Does anyone know what screen a former buyer will get when they try to message you after you have blocked them? I always wondered about this? Do they get a screen notifying the former client you blocked that they cannot contact you because they are, indeed, blocked by you? I know in the category MissCrystal and I are in, this can be at times a difficult line to walk - blocking people. I have only blocked one person in my almost 7 years here.

There is one discussion board in particular on the internet that discusses readers, spell casters etc from all platforms - and, blocking a client is a sure way to get “gossiped” about on that board. When I say “gossip” I mean, they bad mouth you and say some pretty negative things, even IF they were the problem in how they treated you as a reader or spell caster. It is basically a review forum to recommend as well as share experiences with different readers. There is even a specific forum thread to discuss Fiverr readers.


If the order is complete, I mean… I would answer only from politeness, but I don’t think anyone should be obligated to respond.

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awesome they remembered you! But yea that’s a new order for sure.