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How long payoneer take to approve a pending payment that have transfer from fiverr?


I have withdraw to payoneer. Payoneer show my payment that is pending. I want ask that how long payoneer take to approve that payment?
Thanks in advance


max 24 hour. but sometime 48 hour.


Than this payment will show in my balance to payoneer?


yes.Dont worry.:grinning:

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This is my 1st time thats why am little confused.
Thanks ALot…

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its ok. But payoneer have another option if you pay $3 for payment transfer from fiverr it will take max 2 hour to approve.

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the problem is that i dont receive any email during withdraw. I was thinking that payment lost but i checked payoneer its show balance received from fiverr

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dont worry will get.

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Thanks you brother…


most welcome bro.wish you all the best.

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I withdrew from Fiverr 24 hours ago. The withdrawal shows it was successful but it does not reflect in my Payoneer account neither did I receive an email showing the transaction. How will I get the payment?

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hello brother can you tell me about how much time more taken i already wait i send fiverr to payoneer 6 april now 8 april but still pending

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if you will add your details to the global payment than in 10- 40 minutes- as I have noticed