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How long payoneer take to approve a pending payment that have transfer from fiverr?

Hello, I have the same problem, how long the money come into your account from Fiverr to Payoneer?

Hi i have your issue and this is now related to me too. Did you got your payments?

It depends on the method you have choose.

Here is what will happens in Sri lanka.
in my case speed option will added $3 extra cost and approve the payment within 1-2 hours maximum.
slower option is takes 2-3 business days to approve. i’m not sure what happens with other countries but check it with your mail attached to payoneer

please note that sometimes if you have pending Verification in payoneer your funds will not approve until you submit the documents.

hope this helps.
thank you.

Please I need help I withdrew to my Payoneer Account it’s showing transaction completed on my Payoneer but it has reflected in my dollar virtual ACC so I can withdraw to my local bank…and it’s up to 48hrs I showed completed

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I withdrew my money via payoneer for the first time last month. I was equally stressed. It took fiverr 1-2 hours to send money to payoneer. There my amount was under review and then it was showing transaction completed but there nothing in my account. I eventually got the payment after 5 days i guess. It took some time but I got it


For direct payoneer account it takes 24hours, and if you have created the payoneer account from Fiverr Revenue option then it will take 3 business days to complete the transactions in Standard Load.

Happy Freelancing.

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Is it mandatory to provide IEC number in payoneer?

I did not provide it and I could withdraw my money just fine.

Thankyou so much for the reply!
I got few more doubts as this is my first withdrawal of cash from fiverr through payoneer (bank transfer).
I’ve submitted my Global Payment Service in payoneer but it still shows the status as ‘Under Review’, do we still receive money even when it is under review?
And the money is successfully withdrawn from fiverr but still shows pending in payoneer so how many days does it take to reach payoneer ( for first time )?
Thankyou so much in advance!

Hello. It will be under review for a while. I don’t remember exactly but I think yes you can still withdraw the money.
Yes, the money might be shown as withdrawn but it takes approximately 7 days to get the money in your bank account. I got my money on the 6th day :slight_smile: