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How long should a revision take?

Hi Everyone!

I ordered a custom logo design with 3 days delivery. The seller delivered on time, but I had a few small modifications requested such as font, including a missed word and removal of some dots and lines. I tried to be very clear and sent pictures to show what I meant. After 3 days I sent a check in message to see how things were going. No response. Now after 4 days I still haven’t heard from the seller. I can see that they’ve visited my request on several occasions when I happen to be checking the gig at the same time they are, or shortly thereafter. This gives me the impression that they are working on it and will hopefully deliver soon.

But I am wondering, is there a standard for how long a revision delivery should take? If the original gig was 3 days should the revision deadline also be 3 days?

I am new to fiverr, so your input is appreciated.



Did you click on the revision button?? To request for revision you should visit the resolution center. Each gig has it’s own revision deadline and a seller is given regular updates to meet that deadline.

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I haven’t seen clear rules about this, but I believe there isn’t a deadline for revision.
I also ordered a logo and it took 15 days to get the revision. Seller apologized, but I had to go with a different logo. I still paid the bill and accepted it, but I gave a lower rating for it.

AFAIK, if you don’t deliver on time you’ll get penalized in ranking, but I don’t think you’ll get penalized by Fiverr if you don’t do the revision in 1-2 days.

I’ve seen this behavior before. Sellers try their best to hit the first deadline, but revisions get lower priority since there aren’t any obvious consequences from Fiverr.

I did click the revision button. On the app it marked as rejected. On the website it is marked as in revision

Try clicking it again maybe it didn’t go through, also try messaging the seller again if the seller still won’t reply after a few days try to contact support to see the option you have. Basically a revision shouldn’t take long since they are just minor changes. When a seller offer revisions they set a delivery date for that revision. ie. original order 2 days delivery, revision + 1 day

Ok thanks! So I am not wrong in thinking 4 days for a revision is too long. I will message again. Thanks for your help.

Nope. Seller should at least respond with some kind of ETA. Even if it takes them 5 days then they should say it.

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Thanks! I did ask for an ETA this time.

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