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How long should I wait for someone?

4 days ago I engaged a seller in regards to a gig, they quickly responded to my initial request for a quote, got a bunch of information about what I was looking for etc, asked my budget and timeframe, I responded that I hadn’t set a budget or timeframe, that I would prefer he quote me as to how long he would need and how much he would charge.

Gig is standard web design stuff, I have since asked a couple of questions regarding said quote and waited for extended periods of time in-between communication (never less than 24 hours) but he has come back with no further information, just more questions, his status shows that he is online every time I have checked (I accept this may be because of an open browser window or the like) but is this acceptable? my needs basically fit one of his gig offerings with 1 addition which he boasts will be complete in 24 hours.

Basically Im not wanting to slow him down or interrupt his ‘process’ with pushing, as I don’t want the work rushed, but I haven’t yet agreed to any specific work etc, should I just take the work elsewhere?

Not a good sign that he’s keeping you waiting for a quote. I say find another seller.

Find a different seller! This one is clearly not very interested in a cooperation.

Do not worry about it. sometime same thing happens with me. I just answers them and if they didn’t reply then i will add a reminder email. thats ok and then go ahead with your other clients. do not waste time for these type of buyers. Because when we need something or any service we try to reach each and every seller who is in this field. and when buyer find someone which he likes or think that this person is right for any particular job. he give the job to him.

So keep working hard. Because Fiverr Want hard work. this is not an easy to become a successful on Fiverr. Good Luck !!!