How long should you give a new Gig?


I have two Gigs that I have tried in the past and I wondering how long does it take to get one’s first Gig?


That depends upon whether you have a market for your service. It is always wise to do some market research to determine how you should market and promote your gigs. Don’t expect Fiverr to do the work for you. If you’re not getting sales, then take responsibility for your own success, and go out there and find the customers that need your services.

Business requires work. If you aren’t willing to do that work, you’re probably not going to find the level of success that you want.


That makes sense. I’m open to work. I was just looking for direction. Thanks.


Dear TkMark2000:

Here are my metrics for comparison.

How do you prefer to be addressed? Your customers want to know what to call you.

Here is a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

I took a quick look at your profile, and in my humble opinion, it is far too bare bones. If you’re not able to flesh it out, you should definitely consider hiring a copy editor to do so for you.

All of your gigs should have videos.

Good luck,


Dear Blaise,

Thanks so much. The metrics were very helpful. The checklist was as well.
I will hire a copy editor as you said today, before I run any new ads on social media.
I will create a new video. I am not sure what other gigs I can do. I will think about it…