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How long till I get my First Sale

It’s been Three Days since I started on Fiverr. How Long does it exactly take to land the first Sale. I also thought about promoting my gigs , By giving away free samples.

Could someone Please take a look.

There isn’t an exact time after which you will get orders. It depends on you and the service you offer. I got my first order after 2 days of creating my account and GiG. LoL.

Normally 5 days, 12 hours, 15 minutes and 23 seconds. After this time frame you should worry.

keep improving ur gig … automatically your work will be recognised and you will have a handful of order’s … Just have patience.

if your gig is properly set, hardly 3 4 days you can get sale,

HI! Are you utilizing the Buyer requests? Please, not to put an ad in asking for work. But you can find people who are looking for your expertise and send them offers. I’m pretty new and have been working since day one for 3 reasons 1) because I respond to every buyer request that I think I can EXCELL at. 2) Profile bio. In your bio, it would help if you added a sentence that lets them know how you solve their problems or how they will benefit from your service. 3) 100% guarantee. BUT No way to FREE samples! You are worth more than that! Hope that helps. Carrie :slight_smile:

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Do share your gig as much as you can using the social sharing options and also may be at My Fiverr Gigs…

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