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How long till the first buyer

Just for curiosity, how long dit it take you to place the first order?


It took me a couple of months before I got my first order. Then it was slow for the following few months. After my first year on Fiverr I was getting regular orders. My best year was in my second year where I was making between $700 and $1,100 a month.

I’m now in my fourth year. The numbers have dropped considerably for me but this isn’t the only place I get freelance work anymore, either.


Its take some time. Be patient dear


Some sellers get orders quickly; some never get even one order.

A lot depends on the amount of competition and the quality of your gigs. For example, did you know 31,787 gigs sell photo editing? A better question than, “How long till the first buyer?” would be, “Why should someone order from be instead of the other 31,786 gigs that sell what I do?”


Exactly. Why would YOUR gig be better than the tens of thousands of other gigs? What makes YOUR gig stand out? You have to think: if I was a buyer, would I buy my gig or someone else’s? Is my description good? Or is my English bad and I need to correct it?

Do I have a good profile picture, (like mine) the camera, or of my face, or does it need to be fixed? Do I have a solid portfolio that will make buyers trust me?

You have to think like this.

My first order came in 2 weeks after I send 15 buyer requests (and long ones that were professional and good). 15!! It takes a while, after that your orders will slowly start to go up. Don’t just sit around and wait for your first order, nobody will go through 50 Fiverr pages to buy your gig.

In summary,
You have to do something.

Hope this helps!


I took me about a month!

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The things you may cherish in your hearts :heavy_heart_exclamation: is to keep patience patience and patience…then you will be successful…

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It took me 2 weeks .

1 day, because I asked a pre existing client to join fiver and pay me here instead.

I also think (maybe) fiver gave me a ranking boost because of this. This helped me get to level one. Level one has been a grind though, my impressions dropped etc. This may be because of the holidays too.

you should be try to more active and be patient you will get success very soon

It’s all based on you, first order and all. You are the key to success

It depends on your gig seo. i waited for a year with gigs which were not being shown in fiverr main page. so i decided to delete all my gigs one by one and create new gigs with proper seo. so i recreated 2 gigs both were getting 100% more impressions that before. So from these two i received my first order after 2 weeks and know one of these gigs rank in 1 and second line of five main search page.
it has been a month know and i have successfully completed 10 orders with 5 star rating.
so my ultimate advice is that you must have patience and work on your gig before posting.