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How long to become a level 1 seller?

Hey there, How did you become a level 1 seller? Could you share your experience with that time?
By the way, Could you let me know how to get the conversion rate up?
Thank you so much!


60days 400$ earnings.


thank you for your information. by the way, could you help me share me how to get the rate of conversion up ? my conversion is going down this time although the views, clicking is going well. Thank you!

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at least 2 months of time.


It took me one year to achieve level one.

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If your conversion rate is going down whilst your views and clicks are going up, your gigs aren’t doing the job of converting people into buyers (or at least message-senders).

I had a quick look at your gig - I don’t speak Vietnamese, but your singing voice sounds nice. However, the quality of the recording isn’t that good. Could you perhaps invest in (or even borrow) some slightly better recording equipment, to help you produce a more polished audio demo? (although keep in mind the quality of your work would need to match the quality of your demo!)

Also, you don’t really use your description as much as you could/should. Your description is an opportunity to talk about you, about what you offer, about why a buyer should choose you, and you’ve only included a line or two. Maybe have a think about how you could improve this?


10 orders
30days without warring
90% response rate
90% order completion without cancellation
min 4.7 rating
90% on time delivery

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Check this out:

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It’s fast I think. hehehe, could you share your experience during that 2 months, does it have any difficult?

woaa. Could you share me your difficult in that times?

OMG, I’m very happy for your advice. Thanks a millions!!!
I hope you’ll have a nice weekend.

woahh. very nice!!!

60days 400$ earnings Without any warning…


And by the way, I’m trying to earn money to have a fee for my recording kit. Thanks again because compliment my voice. it’s a motivation to make me try more for my business on Fiverr!

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Woa, It’s amazing!!!
Could you share me some experience, please!

Great advice.

The competition who make sales and who have social proof of client satisfaction have not only top-level equipment, but a top-level recording environment. So why would someone hire someone who doesn’t have this?

Also, lower production quality isn’t really usuable for most things and defeats the purpose of hiring a professional. Yes, you hire the talent as well as the production value, but one needs the other to be a worthwhile investment.


How did you do that?
Please! Share with me