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How long to get back to 5.0 rating?

A couple of months ago, I went on vacation and forgot to activate the vacation mode. While I was away, I got an order which expired and was subsequently canceled resulting in a 1-star review. Up until then, I had consistently received 5-star reviews except for one client who had given me a 4.9 (and then proceeded to give me an awesome review and promised to come back for more orders :confused: :confused: :confused:). That 1-star review made my overall rating drop from 5.0 to 4.9.

Since then, I have completed tens of orders with a 5-star rating but my overall rating is still stuck at 4.9. So my question is, how many more 5-star reviews will I need to get to do away with the 4.9? Is there a formula for calculating this?

Thanks in advance


Say you have completed eleven orders, Ten with five star and one with 2 star review. The calculation should be (5x10)+2=52 and 52/11=4.7.

Please correct me if i am wrong.


Thanks! Let me use the formula to see how many more I need.

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I think it’s calculated over the course of 60 days. It should bounce back if you maintain a 5 star rating for 60 straight days.

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I don’t think so. Its been more than 100 days since I got the 1 star review

Hello i have been there too. Make sure you get more orders with 5 stars and i think you will get 5 overall eventually

Maria S.


No, 60 days time window is just for level system.
OP’s concern is for overall profile ratings.


Hi @ronhi85,

The only way for you to get back a 5 rating is by approximation. Please take a look to this thread Losing & Regaining Points: Rating (Part 2) - Maintaining / Gaining Points

Hope you find it helpful.

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I just checked your profile, and, indeed, it has been at least 150 days since you received the one-star review. I didn’t think that was even possible. It must be a bug. Because if it is a bug, there’s no point in using formulas/calculating anything. It’s not gonna help. I think you should contact CS.

Or could your profile be displaying your ALL-time rating and not just the rating you received in the last 60 days? IDK. In that case, as @mariasereti suggested, you will eventually get your 5.0 rating back as you receive more five-star reviews.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


It depends at what point over 4.9 Fiverr’s little calculator decides to round up to 5.0.

Without knowing exactly where it rounds up, it’s difficult to say.

By my reckoning, you’re on 4.957 or thereabouts for your overall rating (not the last 60 days). :wink:

Yes - that’s what’s shown on the main seller’s profile. :slightly_smiling_face:



Just for the record, he has two 1* reviews (11 and 6 months ago). So,if he really does have only one 4.9 review, with these two 1* star reviews, the overall rating is not even close to 4.95 (4.915)


Right you are! I was going on 93 five stars and 1 one star as described in the original post - my mistake! :slightly_smiling_face:
If that had been the case, a 4.9 would have been negligible.


No, it wasn’t your mistake, OP didn’t tell the complete story… :roll_eyes:


You are right! Had even forgotten about the first 1 star review! so its two 1 stars plus one 4.9

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I’m sorry to say that you’ll be needing a hell of a lot of only 5* reviews :confounded:

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According to your formula … I got 4.93, my question is that if I surpass 4.95… Do i get back my 5 star rating? Appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

:star:5 rating makes more stress then :star:4.9 ; dont try to follow your ego and continue your work.