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How long to get back to 5.0 star rating?


I have been getting 5.0 ratings for every order that I have completed by putting in extra effort to make my customers happy.

However, today I got one 3.7 star rating that led to my overall rating to go from 5.0 to 4.9.

So, I wanted to ask that will be possible to ever get back to 5.0 and how long will it take?

Thank you!


In order to get your rating back to 5 stars, you’ll have to get some more orders with 5 star ratings. But I’m not sure how many more 5 star ratings that it would take (requires some math)!


For a rough calculation, based just on the current rating count (14) and current avg. rating (4.9)
and assuming the total rating value is about 68.6 (14*4.9):

With 14 additional 5 star ratings, avg rating would be 4.95 which, rounded to 1 decimal place is 5 stars (depending how it’s rounded). Or around 15 additional 5 star ratings should be enough (if they wouldn’t round 4.95 to 5).

For more accuracy you could calculate the full total rating value (totalling the exact rating given by each buyer) and find the average with different numbers of additional 5 star ratings.


Woaahh you have some great maths skills TBH :laughing: :laughing:

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Thanks :slight_smile:
That was a rough calculation based on those 2 figures (maybe I didn’t do it manually :slight_smile:) . I think the actual additional number of 5 star reviews could be 12 or 13 (12 additional gives 4.95 and 13 additional gives 4.95185 so should round to 5) based on the actual ratings (actual rating total is 68.7 rather than 68.6). But the rough calc didn’t need clicking “more” a few times to find the actual ratings and it was quite close.


As others have already said, it is possible.

I have created function to find it out for myself. And then I realized it was just a waste of time because the only thing that matters is to focus and deliver the next order as best as I can to deserve 5. It works.:slight_smile:


With your function do you need to press “more” enough times to see all the exact figures (or if it was based on the gigs I suppose it could be based on the the totals for each numbers of stars, but they’re shown rounded to whole numbers, whereas they could be eg. 3.7)? Or was it more a rough/approx calc like my first one above?

Yes but knowing how many more could still give the seller more info/let them know roughly when it could get back to 5 (or when it could get back to 4.5 if that’s needed for sending offers to buyer requests).

Maybe Fiverr could add an option to see how many more would be needed (the minimum if each new one was 5 stars) or maybe it could be done as a browser extension if that’s possible.


I consider all three metrics (means communication, service as described and recommendation) separately in calc if this is what you mean.

I partially agree. It could let seller know how many orders are needed but those orders may come in a week or in a year or never. That´s why I think it does not make too much difference between knowing it or not.


If you take the overall figure for those (eg. average them) I think that might give a more accurate rough figure.

But what I meant was, if a seller asked the same question again and they had a lot of gigs with ratings and thousands of reviews, the only way I can see to give a totally accurate figure for the minimum additional 5 star reviews would be to press “more” a lot of times on the profile to be able to see all the actual ratings (which could take ages with many ratings). So I was wondering if you were basing it off something easier to calculate (but overall total based off those 3 overall avg figures might give a close enough result if it’s any better than just taking the seller average rating (1 figure - and the number of current rates), though I think it won’t be always be totally accurate).


No, nothing easier worked for me. :slight_smile:

I use as much available data as possible to get mathematically correct result.

I wish OP they reach desired stars again.


Thank you! I am glad to hear that one day the 5.0 star will return.

Wow, this actually helped a lot honestly. I could never with my low maths skills haha. But thank you for this, this clearly explains how long will I take for me to get the rating back.

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Thank you for this! 12 to 13 more 5.0 stars and I can be back on the overall 5.0 star

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I know! Now, I am just focusing on my upcoming orders. Thankfully, the low rating didn’t affect my number of new orders.
Thank you for this tip!

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