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How long to get my first gig?

I have 3 different gigs posted for about a day now and i’m wondering how long will it take to get my first customer? I haven’t had any views or clicks on any of them, isn’t Fiverr supposed to flood you with traffic when you first start? I believe somebody had posted that on the forums, not sure if that is true as i am new to fiverr obviously.


It depends on your gigs - it can take hours, days, weeks and even months to get an order.

Have you tried looking at buyer requests, or marketing your gigs yourself?

I have looked at buyers request and i have sent a response to one, i’ll keep an eye out for more. No real idea how to market my own gigs, i don’t have a real following on social media or anything.

Try simple youtube videos - even slideshows fit the bill to get some traffic to your gigs.

Good luck!