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How long to w8 to see PRO GIG

How long do I have to w8 to see did Fiverr approved my request for PRO GIG???

There was a detailed thread on the same topic. A seller told, her gig was accepted for Pro and it took her 6 months for the processing.

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Unfortunately, you will have to wait as long as it takes. And there is no way to know how long it will take. If you are approved, Fiverr will let you know. If your application is denied, as far as I am aware, Fiverr will likely let you know as well.

Being a Fiverr Pro will not make you more successful here on Fiverr. You can be just as successful as a regular seller as you could be as a Pro seller. Be happy with what you have, and be willing to wait until Fiverr has a chance to look over your application. They’ll likely let you know what they decide… WHEN they decide. Whenever that may be.