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How long to wait for new gigs to show up in search?

I have read on here that it generally takes 48 hours (why so long? Need to be reviewed first?) for a newly created gig to show up in the search results. One of my newly created gigs has been up for more than 48 hours and it is still not showing up in the search results. I don’t want to seem impatient, just want to know how long I should wait for the gig to appear in search results before contacting CS? Wait another 48 hours?


It is usually 48 hours because your gig will be reviewed by Fiverr Staff. However, if they are busy, it could take longer.


Thank You @vickiespencer!


@chrisnorman862 check your gig this link
in this link you can check your gig is active or pending. if show active your gig get search result but if your gig is pending you couldn’t search result in your gig. Thanks


Thank your @noruzzamanrubel that link was very helpful!

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And for those that are wondering, Fiverr says you should wait 30 days before contacting them about a new Gig not showing up in search results!


That is ood to know.

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30 days…is that not much?

@idealwhiteboard I think it is a long time!

Its not actually for new gigs. It’s for modified gigs.

I think they didn’t mention new gigs

Generally it takes 48 hours,If it’s not happen then Go To “Help & Support” bottom of the page in fiverr,Select “I’m Seller” tabs,Scroll down click on “Seller Help Center”,Scroll Down Click on “Contact Us”
“What can we help you with” Select “GIG”
Select “My Gig Doesn’t appear in search”
Then Select your gig which you want to see is it active or not
If it’s active you can see like " Your Gig status is: Active"
If it’s not You can see “Pending”
what you need to do then if it’s pending?
It’s really simple ccontact with customer support they will active your gig with an hour

Ideally it takes 48 hours to show the gig on search list. You can see the gig status on gigs page. If there show view, impression, clicks are counting that mean your gig is live now.


OP did contact support and was told it could take longer and he should wait 30 days before contacting them.

oh ok then wait 30 days @vickiespencer

Hi I just modified my gig, then it disappeared from search,somebody tell me what’s going on here

It must be reviewed by fiver before posting.


Sure farzeen and thank you but how long is it gonna take

You don’t need to worry that much about new created gigs. I have had orders from new gigs just the day after I created it. The problem is when you modify a gig or when you go out of office. I had to go out of office many times during my academic session and that affects the impressions of the gigs.