How long to wait for seller to get back


Hi, I contacted a seller on the morning of 2/27 about creating a logo. I sent a 2nd email on the afternoon of 2/28. The average “turn around” time is posted at 7 hours. I still have not heard from this person. Is this normal? This is my first experience with using fiverr. Thank you.


Serious sellers have a response rate of 1 hour, my advice, look for another seller.


Best to move on to another seller. Some sellers leave the platform but don’t cancel their gigs. Is there a recent delivery on their profile page? if there is, then perhaps they’re busy but either way you probably want to work with someone more responsive.

Also, a heads-up on the logo category, it is well-populated by sellers who are beginners and think it’s easy. As the many logo sellers who are good at their job will tell you, it’s not. Normally the buyers who are on here talking about the logo category have had a bad experience a few times so here is the advice I give them up front before you order.

Shortlist 5 sellers and go out to them all with the same brief. You want to order their cheapest gig. See how they respond and if they give you something you like. Check it isn’t copyrighted elsewhere or stolen by doing a reverse image search on google. Be prepared to do this with another 5 sellers.

to pick your shortlist, look at reviews, and in particular look at the reviews that don’t just say outstanding Experience, which means the buyer gave no review. Look for personal reviews which probably meant the buyer had an experience so good that they were motivated to write a review. Don’t worry about the occasional negative reviews but if you find some, check the seller’s response. Was it reasonable and professional. Also look at a seller’s portfolio. Check they do the sort of logos you’re interested in. If possible, send the seller links to other logos you like the style of in your brief.

You can include new sellers with no reviews in your shortlist but it is a bit risky as they’re unproven. They do have to start somewhere though and if you like the look of their profile and gig description, why not?

Good luck.


I agree with everyone else, it seems like the seller is inactive at the moment. I would try finding someone else!


There are a lot of great logo sellers out there in the Fiverr marketplace. It’s just a matter of doing some serious research to find one that presents him/herself professionally, has a strong gallery of original work, and can prove their skills.

Like @capitalquality noted, find a small handful of these great-looking sellers from your research, and test them out by purchasing their smallest logo package/gig. Don’t be afraid to spend a little to find the right logo designer for your needs. Never, ever go into a gig without doing your research. Research and a gig sample can go a long way to helping you narrow down your options to the right logo designer for you.


I don’t agree with @phantompower about a 1 hour response rate. Sellers should be completing Gigs, not just answering messages. A consistent 1 hour response rate tells me the person is just really attached to their phone.

But I do agree to look for another seller if you don’t hear from them soon. I would say look now, but I saw another thread about an AWS outage affecting Fiverr on the 28th, so it might be nice to wait another day to be sure that’s cleared. Sometimes when Fiverr has issues the site fails to deliver messages too, so I’m not sure what to do about that.

A Seller is expected to respond within 24 hours to the first message.

Also, read the responses you get carefully. Twice I contacted Sellers as a Buyer (once through a Buyer Request, once through a Custom Request) and they responded quickly to the first message without really answering what I asked. One asked me to wait for a future message, and did not reply again, and the other did not respond when I tried to nicely ask again. The first message is the one that gets timed, so be sure the Seller is genuinely willing to work with you, and not just replying to keep their response rate up.


Thank you all for your response. Very helpful! I will move in the direction you have mentioned by way of getting 4-5 gigs at their low rate. I really appreciate all of you taking the time out to answer my question.


Move on, probably ignoring you tbh


How did you know that the one hour was consistent. How long do you think it should take a seller to respond? If I send you a message and you take 7 hours then the second you take another 7 hours. In the end it will take me about a week to describe what I want before placing the order. That is a big NO in the business industry. Reply as fast as you can to maintain your business.


There’s no rule that says “thou shalt only communicate one question at a time.” :slight_smile: I try to be as specific as I can, and include as much as I can into one message. I’d rather someone take 2 days to respond to a list of 20 questions than send messages back and forth 20 times in one day. But that’s just me.

Isn’t the response rate an average? So, that would be a 1 hour average. I assume that most people naturally respond in a similar speed each time. Assuming the response rate is right, of course :grin:.

It may be a “no” in social media. Not in business. Try contacting any halfway large business and see what you get. Sure, you’ll get an autoresponse (email) or voice-activated software (on the phone), but how long does it take you to get a real live person? You may wait an hour on the phone, but that company might have 5 or 10k employees, or more. Anybody contacted Microsoft lately? How long does it take you to get a live response? What about an intelligible response? And how many employees do they have?

Some Sellers are one person, and they also have to eat, sleep, take care of kids, go to their other job, take care of their home, etc. Heck, some people have internet service that’s so craptastic it only runs once a week! Yes, I realize this is supposed to be work, but too much work is a recipe for disaster. No one can work 24/7/365. And some people like to have fun too, while they’re working. That can’t happen if they’re freaking out about spending 3 minutes extra on project X.

I had a health insurance carrier that told me “our computers are overloaded. Call back in a few weeks.” And I was one of their customers!

I never meant to reply slowly. But accuracy is just as important as speed.

If you have a great cell phone or a computer (or both) that can stay on and with you, and the ‘unlimited data plan’ to match (with enough signal to take advantage of it) (or blazing fast, cheap, reliable internet service at home), go for it. Some people don’t have that. It doesn’t make them bad business people. Part of business is also budgeting. You can’t spend more than you make and not go into debt (yes, I know my government doesn’t understand this, but I do). I’d sure like one of those table-sized drawing tablets, but I know I can’t afford to buy one.

I also know my personal limitations. If someone wants a 24 hour turnaround, I can’t help them. Someone else could, yes. But there’s also a difference between genuinely needing fast service, and just wanting it. And yes, there are also those who don’t need fast service, but get it. That’s great too!

I’m just trying to point out that not all Sellers are the same. You have to evaluate each one individually. Not all Buyers are the same either. Maybe you’d find me annoying as a Buyer. Or maybe not.

Buyers should also remember that they have responsibilities too. They need to make sure they know what they need, what they want, when they need it, what they don’t want, and most important of all communicate that to the Seller.

I feel that too much value is placed on speed nowadays.


Aren’t the designer the ones who dictate their response times by writing, “Average response time 2 hours, 7 hours, 9 hours”? Is this easily changed so when they are busier they can change to 2 days?


Hi, no, it´s not set by the sellers, it´s determined by the system, see here:

Sellers of course can write something individual into their profile text or the gig description of course, but the ‘Response Time’ like 1 Hour that you see displayed is calculated by the system.