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How long until a cancelled order 'disappears'?

Hello there! Over a month ago, I had to order a cancel with CS (they were far more helpful than the forums made them out to be and cancelled it without it impacting me). Ever since, there has been a big ‘Cancelled Orders: -$20’ in my earnings section. I’d rather not look at it every time I go to my earnings, especially because I never lost that money since I never received it in the first place. I was hoping it’d go away after a week, maybe two, or at most a month. Does it secretly take two months / 60 days? I tried searching, but I couldn’t find any answers about this.

Long story short, how long until the cancelled orders goes to 0 again?

EDIT: As it turns out, it stays forever, but will disappear from your analytics after 60 days.

It will stay forever, and never disappears.


I believe it would be 60 days. The cancellation will not affect you in Fiverr’s search that long, but your analytics will update in 60 days

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Well, that sucks. That’s good to know, though. Thank you for your reply.

That’s something. Thank you for answering.