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How long until you got your first gig?

Hi everyone, am veeery new to Fiverr :slight_smile:

Not sure if this has been posted before,but…

What was your first gig experience like on fiverr? and how long did it take you to finally sell a gig?

I haven’t sold any of my gigs as of yet, but i’m not sad since this is probably due to the fact that i’m new here :stuck_out_tongue:

3-4 days , but I think it’s luck.

Maybe you should use Buyer Request to get fisrt orders ,when you become Level 1 Seller , everything start to become easy.

I took me about 1 week to get my first order but just like trustdesign says it is based on luck also. I checked out your gigs they have potential. Try adding a presentation video to them and check out Tips for Sellers thread. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Haha thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking of including videos, but haven’t really found the time to do any recordings, so perhaps soon in the future.

Strangely, I got my first order on the same day I created this thread. :smiley:

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make a video presentation in Windows moviemaker. it’s much easier sometimes.

I just started today. I’m hoping I won’t have to create a video presentation or anything like that. Not because I’m too lazy to be bothered. I just don’t like seeing/hearing myself. It will likely be months before I see an order due to this. lol. Perhaps, a powerpoint-esque presentation might work?

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Good to know! Thanks for the tip!

Took a month for me to get my first gig

I got my first order 3 days after joining Fiverr and posting my gig. I have only been a member for seven days. My first order was actually a response to using the “Buyer Requests” feature and submitting my gig for consideration. I did that everyday (and still do it consistently everyday). After I delivered the first order I received 9 more orders from the same buyer.

From reading the forums it seems that getting your first set of orders is the biggest challenge. Many buyers are justifiably wary of new gigs that do not have any positive feedback. I was fortunate that a buyer was willing to try my service and extremely pleased that they liked it enough to place a large order.

I got my first order right away from someone here on the forums he said he’d give me a shot and once I did his order I got another and so on! The forums are great! I’ve paid that back several times for other users!

I posted my gig and got an order the very next day, I was pretty shocked but very excited, lets hope they keep coming in :slight_smile:

It took about 6 hr. For me

i got an order about 3 days after my first gig published …

3 freakin’ months!


I remember I got 3 orders on my first day. Two were for writing reviews on a website, and I don’t remember what the other was…

I am a newbie here.Can anyone please review my gigs and give me advice to improve them.

Hm… it is different for everyone probably, and there are a lot of factors for getting your first gig, starting from your services, up to how much effort you put to market your gigs.

But for me particularly, it took me little more than 2 months to get my first order.

@fyka_kh, I have just checked your gigs and instead of giving you advice how to improve them, I will actually place order :slight_smile: For quite some time I am forcing myself to order article and I guess now is the time :slight_smile:

I heard about Fiverr® for the first time last February (2015) on the TWiT podcast network. I immediately made an account to secure my username, and sort of left it alone for half a year. After graduating from University later that May, and getting married, then getting my feet wet in a career I thought about the service again and decided to give it a chance.

I have a degree in Literature, and have always been proofing, and helping my friends and local business/brand owners with copy, so I thought I’d make a copywriting Gig… this was in September. Because I realized I had no professional experience, I based a $5 Gig™ on the work I could do in 15min, and set my standard duration to 24 hours.

I started getting orders… at first on the weekends, then more and more during the week. and made level 1 within a couple of weeks, and level 2 within two months or so. Most of my Gigs™ offer the same basic services, but I made various listings in different categories, which deal with different specific things… and I slowly developed a following of repeat buyers. This I attribute to a dedication to customer service, and over delivering… making sure that all of my clients leave happy.

I know have an average of 10 or so Gigs™ a week, with an average Gig™ cost of $15. A couple times a week I land a larger custom offer for a lengthy project. The best advice I can give for increasing sales early on is valuing your time intelligently, pricing your Gigs™ aggressively, deploying a very fast turnaround, and commitment to customer service. Encourage your buyers to message you before placing an order, and use the Custom Offers tool to its full potential.

I am thankful :slight_smile: