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How long until your first client?


How long did it take you from posting your first gig to confirming your first client?


It took me over a year.

That was almost five years ago before tens of thousands of newbies started joining Fiverr monthly.

I had been freelancing for years before I joined Fiverr.

Fiverr currently gives me about 30% of my monthly freelance work.

So…it’s a nice side hustle to my actual freelancing business.


Mine its hard to get the orders though my account its more than one year now. Don’t know why?


Thanks for the great information @looseink :grinning:

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Appreciate your honesty @palpha32. Hopefully your luck improves. I noticed your Fiverr url isn’t in your name bio. That might help forum folks see your offerings.

It took about a month I believe, and my first client was someone who chose to order after I did some outside promotion on social media (There are lots of Fiverr Facebook groups where you can post up your gig and see if anyone needs your skills). At the beginning, outside promotion is the best thing you can do!


Oh! Great advice @nerdmilkstudios, It makes sense to do some outside promotion. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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No problem :slight_smile: That first order is kind of a big hurdle and can take some time so perseverance is totally needed. But, doing things like looking at outside promotion to begin helps so much because you really need to have some reviews to start showing up in the algorithm and getting buyers from Fiverr. Also, use the buyer requests and send out ten a day, even underpricing your gig a little just to get some reviews on your gig so you can start ranking and getting orders naturally


I have joined a couple of weeks ago and honestly getting sweat palms reading comments about waiting year or so. Some advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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I have only gotten a single client yet, but I am positive that there is more to come. It took me about a month and a half to land the first client and that was easy since he was looking for participants for a competition. It might take longer since people tend to hire level 1 or 2 seller over new sellers.

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It took me under 15 days.

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good job it took m under

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