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How long will an order stay in INCOMPLETE status?


I had discussions with a new buyer and after 15 messages, I wasn’t sure I liked the direction the project was headed in. I specifically asked the buyer NOT TO ORDER until I had an opportunity to review his script, and furthermore that if I felt that I could perform the script in the manner he needed, I would give him the green light to order. Well, he ordered the gig anyway, but he failed to follow my GIG INSTRUCTIONS and his order is sitting in INCOMPLETE status. So I’m just curious, how long can I let that order sit there, before the Fiverr system does something with it?


@voiceoverwork: I think that it can sit like that indefinitely. I have several orders sitting there that have been in an incomplete status for months.



Months? Hmmm… of course the buyer could figure it out and complete the instructions, sending the gig thru, starting the clock and I’ll have to deal with it.


What is this thing, this “vacation” you speak of? I’m not familiar with your language. :slight_smile:




And the buyer never said anything?


I have also done the same thing and I do not have an option to cancel without it affecting my cancellation ratio.


I have lot of such orders cancelled these days. Even if customer support cancel it, goes against me in cancellation ratio. People just order and keep it dormant, I never understood their logic clearly. They just don’t understand that buying a gig is time sensitive thing for us sellers. I give the buyer 2-3 days and then contact support for the cancellation. Buyers don’t even bother to reply, seems a bit rude and careless attitude from buyers I feel.