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How long will it take till my level removal is undone


I lost my levels sometime ago by sending someone a link and a email… sigh This was a gig were a programmed a email script… Basically two hits against me…

This month I made over 80 sells, previous month 20 sells, all were rated positive. (total is 99% positive feedback on around 180-190 orders (alot of orders a multiple extra’s inside)) When I check my levels In the analytic tab I still see it is stuck on 90% of level 1, it does not change. I really worked hard to improve my score, and honestly never intended a action were fiverr would lose money, I was just helpful. I am not gonna deny that I didn’t read the t&s… When i contact support they give me a emptyless template email (why would I received else 2 the same answers of two agents LOL) telling me they don’t know and that i need to improve my score…

Anyone experience with that sort of issue? I just like a specific answer, how does the algorithm works, does my level heal every month with one strike or just give me a time. I really need the extra feature again back, as people have to buy 5 gigs apart ect… I miss my features!


Reply to @kjblynx: “When i contact support they give me a emptyless template email - See more at:” … they do not offer any answer


Reply to @kjblynx: your not reading what I write… I already had and answer of them. Not sure what you understand by a template email, but that the response i got. Telling me they DO NOT KNOW. Read.


Reply to @kjblynx: on the end your right, took me almost 10 replies on a support ticket but it fixed my issue (; level2 restored (;


They asked me to wait 2 weeks, after that they said I had to wait longer. I replied them a pissed of message that they need to give me goals, exact goals. For some reason they changed my level back to seller 2 after that reply (;