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How long will money stay on my account while suspended?

In about a week my Fiverr seller account will be suspended, because I am not able to provide ID verification (I’m a minor w/o a passport or drivers’ license. With Covid-19, I am unable to currently get a photocard ID within the time frame and will have to wait probably a couple months before I can get one).

I contacted Fiverr, and they said that when I get ID verification they can try and reopen my account for me, since I didn’t break any rules.

Does anyone who has experienced this know how long the money already in my account will stay there while it is suspended?

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Why don’t you ask Fiverr CS? We are merely sellers (and buyers) just like you. We have no insight into your account, or what CS told you. If you need answers about your account, it would be best to ask CS directly.

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You should be able to withdraw your fund, I.D restrictions doesn’t mean you can’t get your fund