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How long will the customer support answer

hi guys

just wondering …how long did the customer service reply you, if you have a problem that need help?..

and then , is there any admin of fiverr here ?


I’m in the UK and I usually get a resolution within 24 hours. I’ve logged about 8 tickets in the last year and have always had fantastic service. I can’t fault support at all!!

contact support is well of fiverr.common answer again and again.I think that they reply

by Robot,no human reply

They take 24-48 hrs but sometimes even longer than 48 hrs. There is a lot of tickets submitted.

It can take longer than 48 hours or sometimes you can receive a response within the hour. When I have submitted tickets early morning they were answered within the hour. However, if I submit one late night it usually takes a few days.

Yup, kjblynx is right on the money.

TRS’s, like victoria91, get priority tickets.

Just be patient, and don’t send multiple tickets for the same problem, that just slows the whole system down further. They will get back to you, I promise.

Reply to @tylady: it solved for me …it more than 3days …i guess its 4 days …but i dont remember …

Reply to @victoria91: ic…thanks for your input …i will consider morning time like you did…thanks again

Reply to @kjblynx: my problem is solved …this time it takes more that 4 days

Reply to @liquidlettuce:

ok …no worries…the problem solved…but my client seems to be a little bit upset of the follow up time …

My latest tickets took 6 and 7 days respectively, but…

…I have to say I’ve learned to chill on this issue, which is very much NOT like me.

They sorted things in the end, and I’m sure they will sort out the next issue I have. I suggest using @fiverrsupport and @fiverr twitter feeds if you REALLY NEED urgent help. They’re pretty hot on that if it’s a live problem.

But remember that dealing with ‘support’ is the same as dealing with waiters and chefs; if you piss them off you should know what to expect if you order the soup :slight_smile:


Candi x

Reply to @creativelycandi: hi there …thanks …yes …last time , i did sent them messages on the twitter also …luckily they solved it but after that long time respond , my client did not answer my follow up anymore …and so i miss one of my best client …so how about your order this month ? is it good?

Will take minimum 2 days to respond.
On my latest ticket they have responded after 6 days!

More than 3 days!