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How long would it take for Trust and Safety Team to review the account?

It has been more than 5 days and I contacted with CS for several times that How long would it take. I have few questions to ask as well, My uncle’s account got banned and he’s been told that he can’t join the fiverr again. If I get banned, Can I rejoin? I haven’t found this on TOS

Why you get banned bro. If you get banned. you can’t access your fiverr account anymore. and before banned there are warnings in fiverr. I think before I get banned they tell warnings to our profile

They haven’t warned me at all. Just put my account under review without any warning at all.

So maybe if your account does get banned then your brother will be able to make an account on your laptop doing the same things as you after all.

What did you do then?

This never happens for no good reason.

If you don’t get a warning that means it was a severe copyright or third party ToS violation.

I now see mentions of an uncle and a brother.

I don’t know if they exist or if it’s you trying to maintain a presence on this marketplace one way or another, but tread lightly as this most likely will result in a lifetime ban.