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How long you got your first gig?

Anyone here with the same situation with me? I am new here and I’m very excited to get my first order but still waiting and counting the days since I created my account. Can someone give me an advice and tips. Thank you and I hope every newbie here like me will get their first order, Please support us. Here is my one gig


It took me something like 3 months before I got my first order. Honestly I created a Fiverr account in hopes of getting a little extra cash. I set up my gig and essentially just forgot about it until I got my first order. From there I have had periods of always having active gigs to none at all for weeks. Mind you, I do no extra advertising or anything.

One thing I immediately notice with your gig, you only have one image. Buyers tend to prefer those who have more work to show. Use the max images for your gig, maybe even throw in a link to a social platform/portfolio site of more of your work.


Nice hearing advice from you sir. Thanks I got an idea and I will add more images for my gig. Thank you again sir.

Hello @donj10

I will try to give you few advice to better organize your profile and GIGs, so i hope it will help you.

First of all use time and read advice on Forum. Type in search filed what is your issue and you will got a lot different Topics. They have a many quality advice and conversations.

Let’s try to give some advice related to your profile.
GIG Description - I checked all your 5 Gigs and you have same description on all of them. Do you need any closer advice about that? :slight_smile: That looks for me like you used Lorem ipsum text and add there, right? When you write Gig description you need to explain in details your potential client what is your Gig service, what they could expect from you and what will be final product.
@ncollart give you good advice for images. You need to add images where is shown your work. So client can see your skills on them as well.

For the beginning, you really don’t need to build 5 or 7 gigs, if you don’t have to quality content for them. Try to focus on 2 or 3 your main skills and create gigs for them. Use time and do all the best for that 2-3 gigs with Gig title, description, images, tags, etc… Work on Gigs SEO (you can find a lot advice around there about this too).

You really need to work a lot on your GIGs and then you could start with sending offers to buyer requests, share GIGs to social media, etc.

Take your time, read, learn and work hard few days on Gigs and then you could ask if you have any doubt about that.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Hey, I guess we are on the same boat. Even I am also new here and I have absolutely no idea how to promote my gig.I just started with one gig though. I am not even sure whether the gig I created ( title and descriptions) will attract buyers. It would be of great help if someone could let me know on how to promote my gigs.

That advice was pretty much amazing and very helpful. But I still have doubts on it. I am a student and I dont have any work experience. You just pointed out that one must add igaes of their work so that buyers will get even more attracted. My doubt is, if someone is not working or does not have anything in particular to add up into the image section, what could be done? Is there any other alternatives?
Thank you

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My gig was like 2 Days Online and i hade my first Order after that they was like 2 more comming and i hade about 2 weeks every day 1 to2 ORders crazy i reached level one and now im waitong for level 2 to be upgrated i was like 1 months selling and im soon hopefully on level 2


hi just new to the fiverr as a designer, how can I get responses for orders. regarding designing

I really appreciate your advice sir. It helps alot. I hope everyone here with the same situation with me will also have an idea with your advice. Thanks again sir

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Me also facing the same problem pls advice me

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Hello @vyshnavisivadas

Good question :slight_smile:

Everything is up to niche. For example your work filed not neccessary to have images examples, as you don’t work on some visual solutions. You could explain your service in details with very nice description and add main things on Feature image, as you did.

But, if someone work with any Graphic solution, as is logo, graphic design, web designs, etc. He/She can always make a lot examples, not need to have past client. Just seat, imagine that is some company name TEST for example and make all for them - logo, business cards, advertising material, web design, or what ever you do.

I think that all of us need to have some examples where they trained on their work field, right? :slight_smile:

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If you look in longer message which I wrote here, you will see where is issue. You did almost similar thing like @donj10 did. Need to write more detail description for GIG, need to give more details to client.

And one more important thing for you, check your English. I think that you have some grammar errors.

Just read this longer message which I wrote. You really need to spend more time on your profile and Gig before you make it really good and attract clients with all.
Research, check other sellers how they did it for some ideas, but make something unique for your self.

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You are absolutely right. Thankyou for sparing your time to explain my question. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t get my first order until the end of my second month. I would recommend to utilize all 7 gigs and to check your buyer requests frequently. I also did promotion on social media which was a big help. I wish you the best of luck.

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