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How long you have wait for your first sales from the date you join fiverr?

I am wondering how long to wait for the first sales? I have create 2 gigs and I am curios is that interesting, what have I miss out for you?

about a week.

I created mine a week ago, but than 3 days later they got put in “review status” and when they returned again the next day, they had gone back to 0 on everything (views, impressions, etc - they each had about 50 views because I had sent the links to some of my FaceBook friends to check and see what it looked like on different browsers and operating systems, so it wasn’t actual “buyer traffic” anyways) including the date I had created them! They now say I created them 3 days ago, not a week ago. Weird. Oh well. Not worried about the resetting everything to 0, it’s just weird that it happened though.

Anyways, so I created them 7 days ago, even though they say 3 days ago, but no sales yet. I’m not expecting too many if any sales for the first 2 or 3 weeks, because I’m not yet promoting them to anyone, which means the only people that would find them at this point is someone who logged into Fiverr and search specifically for the keywords or title name (which is the only way a buyer can find a gig if it’s not promoted.)

Well, I’ve used Fiverr as a buyer for a while, not too long, maybe 3 months, but long enough to know that Fiverr’s search ability if not very efficient, basically it only gives you a page full of “featured” gigs, which usually have nothing to do with what I am searching for.

I am an author, so I search for author type things - book cover artists and editors and beta readers and proofreaders and stuff like that. It can be difficult trying to sift through Fiverr’s search feature to try to find quality services geared just for authors. I’ve searched for “editing”, “formatting”, “book illustration”, “ebook reviews”, “beta readers”, “book cover artists”, “proofreaders”, “ebook covers”, etc, trying to fnd the services I needed before and while a few come up, the list contains all theses very off-topic “featured” gigs as well, not a one of which has anything to do with my search!

It can be exasperating trying to find ONLY the type of gigs you are looking for, when the search results seem to just want to push featured gigs rather than gigs on topic to what I’m searching for. GAH!

If I’m looking for a cover artist do make a book cover for me, I don’t want a featured character artist to redraw silly photos of me.

If I’m looking for an editor I don’t want someone to translate an article into another language for me.

The search function is SOOO frustrating to try to find RELEVANT gigs.

Well, that is why I say i don’t expect any sales for the first few weeks, because, it’s a new gig, it’s not featured, and so I know from using the search function myself, that my gigs won’t show up in the search results, without high reviews and being featured. I think if I was to just create a gig and than wait for Fiverr’s search function to direct people to it, that I would never see a single sale at all, just because it’s so hard for new gigs to get on the first few pages of a search result.

So, before I can expect any sales to come in from random browsers search on the Fiverr site, I have to first get targeted non-random buyers to buy and rate my gigs. That means marketing my gigs somewhere outside of Fiverr, directly to the folks who would want to use my gigs.

Thus I am setting up a section of my personal website, to feature my gigs on, and than I will send links to those pages (not links to the Fiverr pages themselves) on my Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, LiveJournal, wordPress, Blogger, SBI. MySpace, and other such social media accounts.

The reason for sending links to my site instead links to the gig itself, is because the gig page only allows a couple of paragraphs and 3 photos, whereas on my site I can create a full pages of info, put up unlimited photos, write articles about my gig, etc. At the bottom of the page I would than place a link saying, if they want to buy this gig, to click here and go to Fiverr where they can make the direct purchase. So folks can get the full and complete info about what I offer via my web site, and than they can click the link and be redirected to Fiverr.

This avoids the search function hassle on Fiverr, because it is sending targeted buyers directly to my gig itself, no need for them to search page after page on Fiverr’s home page.

Anyways, that’s what I’m doing now. I’m setting up the pages on my website, getting the copy written, putting up photos, etc. I’ll probably be doing this for another week or so. That means it’ll be at least 2 or 3 weeks before I start marketing and promoting my gig on Twitter or FaceBook or other places. So i don’t plan to start seeing any sales for at least 4 to 5 weeks from the date of creating the gig itself.