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How many accounts i can create?

Dear friends,

I have small business, minimum 4 - 5 employees working with me in our office /company. i am using one INTERNET connection for our all employees, & working together in our PC which is SHARE in ONE INTERNET CONNECTION.

Now i wanna create some account for my employees that he/she work as a Freelancers. I want to know, that can i create many account on when i am using one INTERNET CONNECTION with DIFFERENT COMPUTERS.

Advance thanks for your help :smile:.


One person can create only one account. As stated in the Terms of Service, creating more than one account can get all the associated accounts banned. The number of different computers doesn’t matter; one account per person only (and saying that you are creating them for different people isn’t going to help).

For more information, you can contact Customer Support and explain the situation to them. Perhaps they will allow your employees to create their own accounts (each with their own email address and their own payment provider), but not allow them to sell the same type of service.

Contact Customer Support and ask them for help and guidance, and then do as they say. They are the only ones who can allow your employees to create their Fiverr accounts from the same internet connection.


I created account already & i know that in one PC fiverr Allow just ONE account i just want to know that if INTERNET CONNECTION in JUST ONE and COMPUTERS are different then CAN I CREATE MORE ACCOUNTS.
by the way thanks…:smiley:

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One person can only create one account.

The number of computers doesn’t matter.

If you create more than one account, even if you do it for different people, all the accounts you create are very likely to get permanently banned.


If Fiverr sees more than one account per IP address, they get suspicious and may ban all accounts on that on IP address. As @catwriter said:

All of us here are buyers and sellers. We can give advice, but CS is where you should go to answer the type of question you have.

By the way, using all CAPS is considered rude. It appears as if you are YELLING @catwriter. I am going to assume you only meant to emphasize, your words so italics would be better.


If your employees can’t even make their own account they probably won’t do very well on fiverr, especially if they never read the terms of service, because they will probably break a rule and get banned.


Do not take this as law – contact Fiverr.

I inquired a while back about whether another person in my house using the same internet could have their own Fiverr account. They said that was allowed as long as the services offered were completely different. If the freelancers in your office all do the same type of work, it probably will not work.


If you have more Employees working on the same internet connections you can create One account per employee.

More than one account can be logged in under one connections. I have already asked this question from the fiver support as in my office many people using fiver on the same connection.

There is no such term as not more that one connection can be used under one connection.

But if one user handling more than one account this will lead to got banned as this is breaking the fiver terms.


And did CS tell you that you can create one account per employee, as you say here

or that your employees can create their own accounts while using the same internet connection?


Yes… CS informed there is no issue in using more accounts under the same connection without breaking the fiver Terms

As stated in fiverr t&c you are only allowed to open one account…


One internet connection are one account open and one pc are same.

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Why are you making accounts for your employees? Why can’t they do it themselves? Read the terms of service.


(Urdu Because Pakistan User)
Dekho Bhai Jaan/ Ya Bhen Ji
Aap Chahe Jitne Account Bana Lo Matter Ye Nahi Ky Aap Kay Pass Different Computer Hai
i.e Ek Ghar Main Chahe 5 Room hai Or Washroom 1 To Clear hai Ky Sab Ek hi Use Kare Ge

Isi Tarah Fiverr Hai Ap Ky Pass Network Ek Hai Or (ip) Bhi Ek To Ap jitny Computer main account bane use to Ek ip say honge or Fiverr Ap ky Sab account ko suspend kar dega due to illegal policy

I Advice You Don’t Do it Because You Have Many Computer But Computer Does Not Matter Because Your Identity is IP address I Know You have 5 Employees You know But fiverr Dont know he will direct suspend first of all Contact Costumar Service And explain Your problem i hope he will help you



That’s not what I asked. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. I asked if CS told you that you are allowed to create accounts for your employees, instead of your employees creating their own accounts.


You can have only one account and I strongly suggest to not try to bypass any of their TOS, including the one mentioned above


thanks for advice …:smiley:

If we connect different computers with an ٰINTERNET MODEM connection, their IPs change

If we connect different computers with an ٰINTERNET MODEM connection, their IPs change …:smiley:


I have mentioned what is CS informed. Nothing i have asked about employees on my question to CS. It is about longing into multiple accounts under one connection.