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How many accounts i can create?

I understand now. Thank you for the clarification.

In other words, CS allows for several people to be on the same internet connection, but they told you nothing about one person creating several accounts (for their employees).

If you create several accounts on your own, even if they’re for someone else, all the associated accounts might get banned, including the one you’re using right now.


If you use ONE INTERNET CONNECTION then it’s a problem…If you use one internet connection you should give different services on all of your fiver account…If you give same services all of your account then you gig or account may be banned.

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How about two persons sharing the same internet connection? In our house we share the same broadband connection. Now I am the one working on fiverr but what if my family members also want to work in future?


I asked same questions but i dont know what i do now…???:sob: :sob: :sob:

The answer is the same as the one I already gave to @dezignerz_96 (but he either didn’t read it, or forgot about it, or doesn’t like it and wants to hear something else): contact Customer Support, explain the situation to them, and ask them for permission and advice.

Typically, when it comes to the members of the same household, they will allow it (but only if you tell them about it in advance), as long as the each household member offers different services, uses a different email address and a different payment provider, and as long as the household members don’t interact with each other on Fiverr (no buying from each other, no reviewing each other’s work, and so on).

So, ask Customer Support, and do as they say.


Lastly what i want to add is be honest and never ever try to over smart fiverr. Why? because you can’t trust me.
And about the one account per employee thing forget about it they don’t work out really.i have been there, and now a days competition is so high you cant just sit back and relax by opening an account and gigs with out following quality gig rules and hoping that you are going to get enough order to make this as your profession.

instead what you need to do is if you have more man power you can use it to work on different marketing strategies. Upgrade the gigs content-title,description, images and videos adjust your pricing relatively.
if you and your team mates are new to fiverr be active on the forum ask for help and also help others if you can.

you can follow this link Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR
to find some really good marketing tips. and doing all these alone perfectly is really time consuming so if you can distribute the jobs to your employees it will work better than one account for every employee.

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So you have tried to outsmart :face_with_monocle: Fiverr and that turned out to not be smart? :thinking:

that is an excellent suggestion! :nerd_face:

That is good advice. May I add that it is also good to use the search :mag: to search for answers to your questions.


outsmart them? no…but i got my level 2 account restricted just for not keeping eyes on some rules in the tos.

but i have seen lots of incident like what was asked by desihnerz_96.

its a must required skill if you really want to stick around freelancing

And you created another new account after your first one was restricted?

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Yes and of course after talking with cs as that account is now permanently disabled

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I am a freelancer on fiverr and my brother also want to do freelancing on fiverr. In that case what should I do? I only have one internet connection.

You can create different account for your employees everyone have need different ip addres. Now you can contact your internet Provider they can different ip addres then you can different account form fiverr every computers.


It is fine for two accounts to be on one internet connection IF you contact customer service at and ask their permission. However, you and your brother cannot offer the same service. You must offer different services.


Contact Customer Support and ask them for permission and advice. Your brother shouldn’t create his account until you both get the permission, or both yours and your brother’s accounts could get permanently banned.

Also, as @vickiespencer said, you and your brother will have to offer different services. You will also need different email addresses, cell phone numbers, and Payoneer or PayPal accounts.


hey there is no issue, i created account on fiverr and my bro also created his own account on fiverr and use same internet connection

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because he is doing different work
and created different gig

i created different gigs

qualifications are also different
thats y

everybody has own choice for work on fiverr

so no issue if internet connection is same

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I respect your query and I am having the same issue. My younger brother is a graphics designer. And I’m a digital marketer. He wants to open his account too but the lack of service provider I don’t allow him. Because our local service provider can not give me a real IP.:broken_heart::broken_heart:
As per t&c Fiverr doesn’t allow it. So, please don’t break the rules before connecting to the customer service. Thank you.

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We have different ph num , emails and payoneer accounts but the problem is that both of us want to work as a freelance writer.

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Yes you can use same internet in different PC. 1 pc = 1 fiverr accoun. Make sure fiverr gig service will not same on those account.