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How many accounts per computer or ip address? [RESOLVED]

Dear friends,

I wanna create some account on for my multiple Niche or topics. Is this allow to make more than 3 accounts on in same computer system. Kindly tell me the maximum number of accounts I can make on and other necessary details. Thanks in advance

Sheriff’s Note: This question has been answered through multiple replies. In summary, only one account per user and per payment method is allowed on Fiverr. For information on other household members using an account, contact Customer Support. This topic is now closed.

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Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for this tip. I will add to this from experience - nothing to do with my role as a “sheriff.” Since Customer Support is made up of people who have to deal with large numbers of tickets and other issues, it isn’t a bad idea to have the name of a representative and a screenshot of a closed ticket giving permission for this.

That way, if someone else in the home is on the same IP (and has their own payment method) but one or more account is suspended by accident it is easier to explain to CS what the issue is. I know of people who have opened a ticket in advance to obtain permission like this before adding the new account. Insurance doesn’t hurt!

I used to have another account with the same paypal email, however I have a family member doing that part. No issue.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Tons of sellers had their accounts suspended because of that. You are not allowed to have multiple accounts!

I would suggest you to stay away from multiple accounts. If you make multiple accounts, they all will be removed one day for sure. Maybe after 10 days or 10 months.

Thanks for your good details. I will not work with more than 1 account.