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How many are impressions must be to get on order?

hello senior,

I published a gig 3 days ago. I noticed my gig impressions 148 and 5 clicks.

Is this better for my gig?
how many are impressions must be to get an order?

Please give me some tips on how to rank my gig for better results on Fiverr.

You don’t get an order by the quantity of impressions you get. You might have 1 impression and get an order if your gig is very well built.

Try your best to improve your gig and search for topics here on the Forum about how to do that. Make some researches :slight_smile:


3 day 148 impression and 5 clicks is good for my gig?

Upload your others gig and get more impression

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I have already created 2 gig.

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I got it.
check out my gig if have any correction please tell me. it’s too important to me.

I suggest you get a proofreader fluent in English to look over your Gig title, descriptions, FAQs etc. For example, I’d reword your gig title (this is just a suggestion) from " I will do outstanding minimalist quality logo creation" to “I will create an outstanding minimalist logo for you.”

I got the point. but now if I’m changed the gig title is there an effect on my gig?

I mean, if I lose my gig rank?

You can upgrade SEO only one time…not more than that.

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I think, my gig descriptions are fine but if some change the gig title without the primary keyword

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