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How many Buyer Request Did You Send Before You Got An Order From It

I have sent a number of buyer request on Fiverr but have not received any luck with it as yet. How many did you send until you actually got an order?

I didn’t count maybe after 50 or 70 buyer request.

ok not bad, I will continue

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Also took me about 50, but I think you also have to consider the effectiveness of your request and tailor it to specific buyers’ needs.

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okay, what do you suggest as a effective buyer request that you sent

I mean, I can’t really suggest anything to you. What I respond to my clients changes a lot depending on what they need specifically. You’re really going to have to tailor things to specific clients.

There are several posts on how to write an effective buyer request offer but as @somaginer1996 already said, it is hard to suggest one absolute thing to you. Have a look at the relevant forum posts on this topic and pick strategies for yourself that you think will suit you the best.


There is no hard and fast rule that one will get an order after sending 10 or 100 or 1000 buyer request, I’d suggest to try following.

  1. Try to make your offer unique from other sellers.

  2. Make it personalized according buyer needs.

  3. Using of template is strongly NOT recommended.

  4. If possible list down the steps in your offer using which you will solve buyer problem(s).

  5. Make sure there is no spelling/ grammatical mistakes.

Note: These steps are based on my personal experiences… you have the right to disagree with it :slight_smile:

Good Luck


Thanks, hope it will help others.

I probably sent at least 40 when I was new and I was trying to be fast instead of offering a well-written proposal. I finally realized I had to customize every offer very carefully and then I got an order. I still use BR from time to time if things get very slow. I don’t count, I just keep offering until things aren’t slow anymroe.


Okay, well I am new and based on the gigs I guess I rarely see buyer request but I check regularly and apply when I do see one. I believe that I will get an order from it eventually one person must answer at some point eventually.

You probably will, many people get a first order that way but it might take a lot of tries. It’s much harder when you are new because Fiverr puts strict limitations on what you can see at level 0. It actually gets easier to win BR later on, which is a tough cookie, but it’s a great training camp!

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Oh really? I didn’t know that well les brown says if it is hard then do it hard so…

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