How Many Buyer Requests Do You Apply To in A Day?


I realize we all have different viewpoints on buyer requests, and buyer requests available to a seller depend on how many gigs in various categories that seller has. That said, how many buyer requests do you apply to daily?

When I started here, it was ten a day. Now it can be 2, 4, 6, and eight most days. Rarely do I hit ten, though. For me the difference is I value my work and am savvier and sporting request I know are not for me.

How about you?


When I started, 4 or 5 maybe. now, none. I don’t look at them much.


When I started almost all of my clients comes from buyer request. I used to sent 5-8 request per day. The funny thing about buyer request that I notice - is that it was really hard to get the client at the begining when I sent request. But now…5 request almost equal 4 clients, at least in my case.
Buyer request is great section to find a client as new seller, but those buyers always want to go with experience sellers - ridiculous :smiley:


Absolutely none. (20 chars?)


I do find when I reply to some request, as a more seasoned seller, I do get the response and sometimes sales because of my overall profile and experience. In a way, I feel like sellers who do well but ignore requests are missing on an opportunity to use their experience to gain leverage over new sellers applying to the same request.



My experience as a seller dealing with buyers who are shopping for Tarot readings is that even though there are plenty of buyers’ requests for me to review, I find that the buyers who create them are the kind of people who insist on drinking champagne but are living on a beer budget. Even if I make an offer that comes close to what they want, these kinds of buyers are absolute cheap-skates who’ll make me regret the effort I put into my work.

But speaking as a buyer who’s shopped for Photoshop services, I’ve had great luck by uploading a PDF which contains my order specifications and completing $5 gigs with the best sellers in order to “interview” them and take their skills for a test-drive.