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How many buyer requests you see per a day?

how many buyer requests you see in the requests box per day?

I just see at least 2 or 4, how I can see more of my sellers want?

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i have seen 10 today :slight_smile:

how I can make to see 10 ?

I guess you need to check more frequently, also, create maximum allowed gigs


10, but you need to check frequently to see more buyer request.

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your need buyer request sent per day 10.

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but I check everyday but just 2 or 4 in a day, what im doing wrong? I need to put more hagtags?

Hi Cloe,

Take a read through this thread. It should answer some of your questions. If you have more questions after reading it, I, or one of the other forum users, will try to answer them.


Hey, thanks for reply its quite informative


thank you so so much <3

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Same issue :frowning: