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How many cancelled order you have lifetime?


I have 195 completed orders with 5 cancels. What is your total orders and total cancelled orders.


I don’t have any canceled orders because I’m still very fresh on fiverr but this topic is to remind you and every other seller to aim for : no canceled orders!



You are right no one wishes to have cancel orders but sometimes we can do nothing. Like today a buyer ordered without asking and I had mentioned 1 gig = 1 small issue but the buyer ordered and it would take me days.

When I asked to increase price the buyer didn’t agree had to cancel. This had chances if I could have done in 5$. However recenlty I had completed order 4 months ago and I got cancel message because buyer had started Paypal dispute


Unfortunately, i canceled about 82 orders, and complete about 315 orders.


Yes, I understand your situation-some buyers just doesn’t have any manners at all.
If it’s possible focus on other buyers, live and let live learn and fly :slight_smile:


Wow that is bad sir, what are you doing it wrong?


Yes, right.

Basically like for the work it might have took 2 days even and for 5$ spending 2 days is shit. In these 2 dyas I can complete my other two big order worth 100$+


See… that’s how you need to think :smiley: -You have your own terms and if buyer doesn’t want to agree with them he/she can find another seller

All the best


All the best to you too :wink:


My order completion rate is 90%.