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How many categories can be worked in one account?

To work professionally. How many categories and sub-category gigs would it be better to publish from a Fiverr account? By which the profile is professional and the work is easily found. The experts hope to have their say on the matter.

Thank you.


Don’t offer services you can’t do. Otherwise, there’s no hard limit on categories you can offer. As for professionalism, I don’t know of any data that states one way or the other. We can’t know how many potential buyers visit a Seller’s profile, or what Buyers thing of someone who offers a wide variety of unrelated gig services. Some might find it good in that a Seller might be well rounded, while others might see it as a sign of mediocre across all gigs. We can’t know.


I think I read somewhere from the forum that when Fiverr selects someone to become a Top Rated Seller, they prefer if the seller primarily focuses on only one or two subcategories, but even if true, the vast majority of sellers won’t ever achieve the qualifications to even become a candidate.

I concur with Imagination; offer services only in fields that you can deliver quality professional work. Spreading your offerings to fields that you have no clue about is a recipe for disaster.


Yes, Thank you very much.