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How many clicks do you average for every 100 views? (POLL)

How many click’s do you get for every 100 views?

  • 1-5 click’s
  • 5-10 click’s
  • 10-20 click’s
  • 20-30 click’s
  • 30-40 click’s
  • 40-50 click’s
  • 50-60 click’s
  • 60-70 click’s
  • 70+ click’s

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Even though I think your poll does not help anyone, you would need a bit of improvement of it.

Let’s say I have 70 clicks, what answer should I tick? :wink:


just tick 70+

I just wanted to see whether I am doing good or not compared to other sellers :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

what tip would you suggest us to increase clicks?

That’s not a secret. It’s absolutely Gig’s image.

Mine are poor as well. Or at least not how I would like to have them at the moment.

The Gig’s Image must be DESIGNED respecting basic design rules, using proper typography and adopted to what is Fiverr able to show. You might have already realised that all images are resized (some look like cropped) and compressed so the final quality is poor at the end.

This is how it is. In order to get a click I suggest to focus on first image that Buyer can see when they get their search result page.


Thanks a lot blavaro,
I will keep this in mind the next time I change the gig image

No next time.

If you think your images are not the best ones now, do not wait and change it now!

Refrain from changing anything what works, but if there’s something you feel it does not, change it.

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just changed the images but when I reduce the size to fit the 550*370 margin it looses the image quality but if I put in in the normal size it makes the gig image pretty zoomed in and wont really create a good first impression. Thanks

for a wordpress gig, I think there wont really be a problem maybe try using the colours orange or yellow as they are eye catching compared to others

this is what I am trying to say

Any suggestions?
Thank you for your time :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: