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How many corrections include 1 Revision?


Hello everyone,
Can you tell me, how many corrections include 1 revision?
And how difficult that remaking should be, just small changes like color, font etc, placing the objects?


As Graphic Designer I explain to my clients what 1 revision means:

1 Revision

Simply as that…

One revision = one correction: once color change, or once title change, or once adding something they forgot to tell me before, etc, etc, etc…
You can make exceptions, especially with good clients, or (like in your case) when you’re starting.
I would advise to always make the necessary revisions, so your client is happy with your work. If you did more than you offer in your Gig, then tell them very politely that you did it just this time, but next time you will charge $$.
Mostly the good clients leave a tip because you did the changes without charging more $… others just leave without giving anything, and right there is a tip of how you choose your clients for the next time.
I know you will find those smarta**** who will say:
For my first revision I would like:
Those are better to work just once with… and let them go their way


Thank you very much.
You really helped me))