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How many daily orders would make your life financially balanced?

It’s been like 3 months since I joined Fiverr. Already achieved Level 1 status, and now marching towards Level 2.

I was just calculating as if how many orders I get daily would be enough to have a balanced life. I came to the conclusion that if I get 10 orders a day, i.e. $40/day earning for me and $1200/month can bring a balanced life for me, financially.

I’m from India so the conversion from USD to INR makes it possible.

This calculation is just for fun.

How about you? How many daily orders would make your life financially balanced?

Reply to @ujonline: One of my personal experiences is that - which also Fiverr suggests - promote your Fiverr gigs outside of Fiverr too. Just don’t sit and wait for orders to flow, coz it doesn’t happen, except few lucky ones. so if you’re not that lucky person, go out and start promoting your Fiverr Gigs in other forums, e-mail marketing etc. (no spamming though).

Good luck.

Reply to @safwan: your existing earning is also awesome. Wish you good luck for $2500/month.

Last 2 months I was making about $1800 per month. Last few weeks have been very slow i guess due to the new changes to fiverr etc. Not sure. but i have made approx 500$ in 3 weeks.

I want to increase sales and revenue by at least $2500 per month. It will be amazing to achieve it and I know I will very soon.

It also depends on where you come from, you will never get all the money you need, some new expenses keeps cropping up.

It all depends on if people were to order gig extras as like my self I have had just 1 order produce me $20 because they brought a gig extra.

If they were base orders i would need to complete 63 orders per day.

I would say about 30 base orders a day.

@kjblynx , @chaduk I meant basic orders, i.e. $5 each. Of course, with the status of Level 1 and 2, we get gig Extra options. But let’s forget number of orders. Let’s say daily income. To me, it is $40/day that would make me financially balanced.

@mgjohn78: looks like Finland is an expensive country to live in :slight_smile: or your expenses are more :smiley: just kidding.

I calculate earnings per week, since some days i don’t have delivered orders.

Lets just say a rough estimate of $300-$500/week . That’s almost $2000k a month. How cool is that? lol - just imagining number . Law of Attraction.

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I need around $5,000 per month.

I required $1000 for a well balanced month :slight_smile:

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Reply to @debbie_ph: yeah… law of attraction. Ask and Receive :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: well, money is something which can never be ‘enough’! :slight_smile:

I want 100 part day at $4 would put me at 25 orders a day. Id be financially set. I wish.

I am very new here at fiverr but i have already worked on more than 15 gigs in less than a month. I am sure if i can get 10 gigs per day , this will be okay. =D>

Reply to @pr_junction: Absolutely :slight_smile:

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I think 100$ a day would definitely solve some of my problems. I hope that one day I can earn 100$ day for 1 year and put all that in savings. That would infact makes the life easier later.

Oh well, dreams :slight_smile:

Reply to @wingle: You surely are getting more then that : )

I already have a dayjob, so $200/month (that is, 50 Gigs per month) would be satisfactory. :slight_smile: