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How many day did it take to get the first order?

Hello there
thank you for joining
I am a new seller and been on fiverr fpr 20 days
I want to ask on how long did it take for you to get the first order
thank you


It took me 9 days and submitting offers to 45 buyer requests. I worked so hard on it, the buyer gave me a $5 tip. My suggestion to you: don’t give up and when you do get your first order, work as much and hard as you have to. A five star review on your first sale is everything for future business.


Thanks a lot
But my mother does not want me to work on fiverr saying its a waste of time and demotivates me :roll_eyes:
They wont belive me until I get my first order
Thanks for your concern

And then what do I do?

Does that mean I have to constantly check the buyer requests page?

Not necessarily true. If there are 15 offers but they all have poor English and aren’t relevant to the request, the buyer may keep looking.

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I have to keep on refreshing the buyer request page?

What does this reply have to do with my comment?


its all on you
how you work on fiverr
and how much time you spent on fiverr
you will get your first order shortly

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I just want to know how to get buyer requests

It’s very, very rude and lazy to respond to someone’s comment with something totally unrelated.

Take some initiative and look it up. Your question has been asked in the forum hundreds of times.


I apologize if I didnt reply your comment with something related. I have been looking it up but I want more answers to collectively know what to do.

Well you already have thousands of answers. All you have to do is look.

Switch to Selling Mode and then click on more a dropdown appears
Select Buyers Request.
Then if any Active request is present it will be displayed.

Prominent Timings are 3:30-5:30 AM GMT, 5:00-6:00PM GMT and 8:00PM-10PM GMT.
You see a lot of request at this time.

Looks like Your are Indian.
Parents don’t understand us. :slightly_frowning_face:

Have a good day miss :smile:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. This is actually the answer Ive been looking for, unlike other answers. Thank you again :smile:

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I stay on fiverr the entire day and spend 3-4 hours to improve my gig trough photoshop
i have sent exactly 99 requests and have 210 impressions 80 clicks and 139 views
I have been in this platform for 21 days

edit at least
dont edit daily
because it reduce your ranking

i send more than 200 buyer requests
and have impressions and views you see

but still i have only 2 orders
it take time