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How many days can my paused gig be paused?

Hello Fiverrs,
I’d just paused my translation gig to finish my current order. I paused it because I don’t want to recieve more orders at the moment till I finished this custom order by that gig. Can my paused gig be paused for example for 6 days more? or Will it get to 0% rating again or deleted?
Thanks for your help!

You can pause it as long as you wish. It has no effect on rating and can be activated when you are ready. While paused it will not show up in search.

I paused my gig (due to maternity leave). Although it has no impact on rating but it really gave impact on analytics. The effect is almost the same like you put on vacation, which is your gig is like a new publish gig when you activate it. Very low impression which lead to a very low sales or almost no sales (for months).