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How many days? Did you guys to get your first Order in Fiverr?

Well, Iv’e been working a lot and spending my time with Fiverr as a seller, I have 5 Gigs to sell that I have published already. Well its been my 4rth week, But no one is still ordering my Gig. Well how many days did you guys spend till you got your first Order in Fiverr?

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It took me one month to get my first order.


For 2 months for my first client. Maybe sooner if you know how to promote your Gigs on social media. Remember to read TOS to make sure that you promote Gigs properly


Same with me.
One month and Two Gigs but still no sale/order.
I’m new on Fiverr, so may be there’s something (marketing strategy) we need to learn to get orders.

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I know a few sellers who got their first order within minutes/hours of creating their gigs.

I also know several sellers (who are well-established level 2 sellers right now) who got their first order only 2 or 3 months after creating their gigs.

Your wait time also depends on the customer demand for the services that you are offering. If you’re either offering a very niche/specialized service or a service that is in great demand and is saturated with thousands of sellers offering the same gig, it might take longer to get your first gig.

So, my point is that it is possible that it might take a little longer for you to get your first order, and that’s totally okay. However, in the meanwhile, you could use the time you have to optimize your profile, gigs, and improve your Fiverr knowledge (by going through articles in the seller help center and the forum). I have found the forum to be extremely helpful when it comes to knowing how to handle tricky situations and working with problematic clients/scammers.


It all depends on how you market your gig… It might take 1 day or you might even never get any order… With all the answers being give all you can do is sum them up and find the ‘mean’ of how long you have to wait.

don’t lose hope be patients you will get 1st sales very soon


2 months but still no order.

It took me 15 days to get my first order.

Same day I registered.

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Is there anyone who got their first order within a day or two ?

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Waal started yesterday, can not wait for my first Job on this platform

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03 months still not order

I got my first Order within the first month of setting up my Gig in a niche with less than 10 active sellers in fiverr.

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Or maybe some mistake in the pricing strategy… I am almost a noobie here… ;?/

On the 4th day I received my first order and this Month I have received many orders so keep the faith. I kept adjusting my gigs as well. Good luck it will happen :muscle:

Two months I guess then no orders receive yet @toshi777

1 month but still no order

I got my first order after 2 weeks

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Hi aston_law It’s great to see you hear on this forum and fantastic news you received your first order after two weeks :grinning: :muscle: