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How many days do you need to get your first order?

I’ve had my first gig since 5 days and sent about 20 Offers for BR. I still don’t have any buyer. Is it because of my front page? Or me being from 3rd world country? Because that seems to affect my orders. I try to be professional mostly but sometimes I talk friendly to some buyers according to their request.


If you are qualified then get order within two days.

I’m sorry I didn’t get your point. I need to be qualified for?

It depends on the services/products you offer, I guess. It took me 20+ days of waiting before I got my first order but now I get them more regularly (returning buyers as well as new prospects).

The Fiverr experience is different for everyone. Take the time you have now to change things around in your gig(s), see what works for other sellers in your category, etc. Learn new things and skillsets to improve yourself and your work.

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Cool , Thanks! And also I’ve seen people with profiles on multiple websites similar to fiverr. Do you think that helps?

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That is totally false. Some people are qualified and still spend months waiting on their first order. If you are speaking from experience then that is different, but there is no specific time frame.


I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean people having accounts/profiles on other freelancing sites like Fiverr? I’m not sure that helps too much as Fiverr’s gig/order system is pretty different compared to other freelancing platforms, but I suppose it could help getting more exposure. I haven’t tried it myself as I’m only earning off Fiverr (aside from my day job) right now.

Fiverr requires a lot of patience. Some people may make it look easy, but everyone works on a different pace because of the variety of services/products being offered. Don’t be discouraged by this waiting time!


I took a quick look at your gig, and can see it’s in the video editing niche.

For your gig, you’ve provided an 11 second video - you’re allowed up to 1 minute and 15 seconds, but you’ve gone with 11 seconds. In those 11 seconds, you’ve got only two clips, neither of which show me what your skills are like as a video editor.

When someone comes to your gig, they already know that they need someone to help them solve a problem, and they’re then in the process of finding the most suitable seller to help them. Your opening video is your chance to show off your skills, to illustrate what you’re capable of. Nobody will hire you based on the video you have at the moment.

You need to make a new opening video if you want to be taken seriously as a video editor. You’ve got 1 minute and 15 seconds to show what you can do - make the most of it!


I’ve colour graded and stabilized the hand held motion. I guess I need to work on vfx and other effects to show more of the things I can do.

Think about who your target customers are.

The kind of customer who really ‘gets’ colour correction, either has the skills and knowledge to do it themselves, or has the budget to get someone with an extensive history in to help them.

Image stabilisation - most cameras can fix that when you’re filming these days, and if not, there are plugins you can buy that fix it. You don’t need to hire a freelancer to stabilise footage for you.

I would argue that you’re targeting customers that don’t exist.

On the other hand, maybe someone has filmed a bunch of footage for a corporate video because they thought it would be easy, and now they’ve got the footage, they realise that editing is harder than they thought. Or someone who has just got back off vacation with an hour of footage, and they want it turning into a 3 minute montage they can put on Facebook.

Research your target market. Figure out who your customers are, and what they’re actually buying. If you can tailor your gigs to actual customer needs, you’re more likely to have success.


I got my first order after seven days. However, it might depend on a lot of factors:

  • niche
  • gig ranking
  • title/description/keywords SEO
  • your profile

Why are treating me like I know everything. I am just a new guy trying settle my business. I just need help. It’s okay if you tell me I’m doing something wrong or different. How do you expect me to know the psychology of the costumers and what their level of knowledge is about the topic.

I’m not. I’ve offered you friendly, helpful advice, the kind of advice I would offer to anyone who is clearly struggling, and where I can see a very obvious reason as to why that individual is struggling. You can ignore my advice if you wish, that’s your right as a free person.

I’ve given you help. Read my previous reply to you, there’s useful information there that, if you apply it, will help you. Or ignore it, it’s totally up to you.

How do you expect to get orders if you don’t understand your potential customers?

I’m tapping out. I’ve remembered why I stopped trying to help people on the forum.


Generally, that is a very less amount for a 0-level seller as a beginner. This work requires a great deal of struggle and endurance. You gotta try more to get what you are here for. :clinking_glasses:

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Thanks for helping out. @mariayasir
This is the friendly reply type I expect @cubittaudio I’ll definitely modify my account and take your advice. And don’t stop helping others just because of me.

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Maybe 3 days maybe try years
Just work :v:

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I have a 1% conversion rate from BRs so far (1 order for every 100). Also, it takes time for them to respond to each request. Don’t expect them to respond immediately, if ever.
Regarding the time before your first order, you can’t actually tell. It could take you a few hours after gig creation, or an entire year. Personally, it took me a couple of months.

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Thanks for helping me out guys. Really appreciate that!