How many days fiver take to transfer money to my paypal


I just withdraw 16$ into my paypal. I also allow the withdraw from the link sent via email. But still there is no amount is showing in withdraw section. But i reveved email from fiverr saiding withdraw is successful.
Is it a normal situation?
And how much time it will take to show the cash in my paypal account?


No more than a couple of hours at most usually. :slightly_smiling_face:


withdarw section is still 000$


Because you’ve withdrawn $16 - it will now show a zero balance.


Couple of hours or less.


check this image . i withdraw 16$ but it must be 0$ in avaible in section and 16$ in withdraw sectiom.


Give it a couple of hours - should be fine - if not contact CS.


thanks for your time…have a nice day


You’re welcome - you too! :sunny: