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How many days fiverr restricts account

Hi, Just want to ask
Have anyone here get restricted account and how many days are needed for Fiverr to review it and activate again?

Reason for getting restricted: Promotion of other 3rd party is not allowed on Fiverr

It being 7 days and still waiting for Fiverr to review it :slight_smile: I was going to be an L1 this 15June :frowning:


Why do you think that fiverr will necessarily reactivate your account?

I remember another topic about you breaking TOS.
If you indeed did that there is a 99% chance that you wouldn’t get your account back.
It might take weeks or even months for review.


Yep, it the same thing. The Promotion Gig

I think it’s very unfair that 3 of the other Fiverr staffs approve during the modify the gig. Then suddenly, after 2 months, gig not allow