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How many Days Fiverr Temporary Disable account will be Reactive?

My Fiverr account temporary Disable due to buyer cancel 2 and 5 order cancel by fiverr costumer support.

So know i want to know how many days fiverr take to reactive my account?


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You need to talk to fiver support to get your account back. You can request to get back your Fiverr ID. If you not violent any rules of Fiverr you will get back your account. Otherwise, you can’t get back your account.

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Fiverr send me this email back

Looks as though they are looking into any sort of fraud associated with your account. As stated in the message, there is no set time frame of when they will be “done” looking into this. You just have to wait it out until they send you a message about your account and whether they have lifted the suspension or decided to close your account.